The State of Legacy Applications

  • 74%

    Organizations fail to complete modernization projects

  • 88%

    Projects fail to receive proper funding to complete

  • 98%

    Organizations plan to modernize legacy apps

Where Modernization
Falls Off

Enterprises are aggressively adopting modern cloud and container platforms. However rewriting thousands of applications for modern architectures — or replacing them outright – is cost and time prohibitive. And directly lifting-and-shifting legacy applications into new environments causes a myriad of compatibility challenges.

Automate Modernization With Elevate

Escalated cost. Increased time spent. Monitoring tools purchased. The management of legacy applications quickly outgrows a company’s resources and eats up everything else needed to keep the organization moving forward.

Elevate allows legacy applications to be virtually patched in a way that eliminates the dependency on old platforms and systems. Elevate makes it possible for core applications – and their business value – to be portable to newer environments including the cloud and containers.

This portable, infrastructure-agnostic app future-proofs your legacy application modernization investment, allowing you to take advantage of whatever infrastructure innovation comes next while meeting compliance and industry-standards.

Benefits of Waratek's Approach to Legacy App Modernization

  • Extend App Lifetime

    Get the most out of your investment and digitally transform your organization while removing the risk of re-platforming

  • Security Meets EOL

    Protect your apps from known and unknown vulnerabilities that existed on your legacy platform, such as Apache Tomcat and Weblogic

  • Ultra-Low Performance Impact

    Run your application on a more up-to-date platform and experience either an ultra-low performance impact or even an improvement

  • No Code

    Virtually upgrade your out-of-support apps without the need for code changes, downtime, or CapEx investment

Secure Modern Apps
the Same Way

In addition to the challenges security and ops teams face modernizing legacy applications, these teams must also deal with the vulnerability management and patching of modern applications.

In 2022 a new CVE is released nearly ever 4 hours, with 32% of those vulnerabilities being critical. While you may not be at risk for every vulnerability that’s published, with a MTTR of 205 days, even 2 critical vulnerabilities can consume your roadmap for the next year and a half.

Waratek enables customers to define the final state of their security, ensuring the agent adheres to and executes the security behavior consistently in the runtime. This Security-as-Code approach drastically reduces reliance on human intervention and allows engineers to engineers to focus on development rather than finding and fixing code flaws.

See how we catch the threats that others can't

Let us show you first hand how Waratek can help you with:

  • Autonomous protection – Fix known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time without a single code change 
  • Virtual patches – Virtually upgrade apps and dependencies like Log4j without code changes, vendor patches, or downtime 
  • Removing gaps – Engrain protection within the DNA of your apps and APIs instead of relying on protection that only sits on top allow vulnerabilities to slip through