Waratek is radically committed to our customers, so much so that we view them as members of our product teams. When Waratek was founded, most of our customers were feeding application security events into their SIEM. Today, the momentum is moving towards dedicated AppSec teams, which may or may not have access to the monitoring tools (like a SIEM) used by security teams. 

In response to customer feedback and the shifting roles in appsec ownership, Waratek set out to revamp our management console with the single focus of enabling our customers with data they need to effectively secure their applications. We wanted to provide a single pane of glass that would provide users with the information, insights, and functionality necessary to combat modern threats to critical applications. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of the first phase of these enhancements with the introduction of ARMR MC 4.0.

While this is just the first of many future improvements, users will experience immediate benefits, including:

  • An at-a-glance dashboard for users to quickly assess the health of applications that are running ARMR agents
  • Drill-down capabilities to help users find the root cause of security events including attacker identification and attack types
  • Security policies to group together rule sets providing easier management, faster deployment, and scalability across applications
  • Compliance policies, such as protection for OWASP Top 10 threats, available for use out-of-the-box

And we’re just getting started.
Waratek ARMR agents live inside the application’s JIT compiler, therefore our agents see all of the file systems operations, network connections, API calls, OS command executions, database connections, memory and CPU instructions. Given this unparalleled visibility, our management console roadmap contains a number of future enhancements enhance product usability for both security and DevOps teams. Stay tuned for more developments in MC 4.0!