New security features include accurate distinction between successful SQL injection exploits and failed attempts and mitigation of Denial of Service attacks.

DUBLIN and ATLANTA – June 27, 2017 – Waratek, the virtualization-based application security company, has added new critical protection security features along with a feature improvement to its existing solution.

One key new feature allows Waratek to accurately make the distinction between successful SQL injection exploits and failed attempts at SQL injection exploits. This feature adds significant value, intelligence and forensic information to AppSec blue and security operations teams, allowing them to take actions in case of repeated failed SQLi attempts such as blocking the offending user/attacker.


Additional security features mitigate Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that can cause network congestion as well as blind attacks for data exfiltration; advanced and accurate path traversal mitigation on all supported platforms and Operating Systems; and, support for SQLi attack detection and protection in applications that use concurrent connections to multiple database systems from different vendors.

As with all Waratek security features, these new functions require no configuration or manual tuning from the user.

“From the outset, Waratek has provided absolute protection against both known and unknown code injection vulnerabilities with zero false positives, and has never required making any changes to the application,” said John Matthew Holt, founder and CTO. “Our new features are the logical extension of what we set out to do—help solve the problems that chief security officers and security teams face every day without adding complexity, performance overhead or additional effort.”

Every effective cybersecurity approach developed over the past two decades is now fully integrated into the way businesses protect themselves today. The massive volume of vulnerabilities, ubiquity of software flaws, and pace of attacks, though, means that the measures organizations have relied upon for more than twenty years are now unable to provide the level of protection required going forward. Diligent system maintenance, consistent patching, and third-party security solutions are all necessary for maximum cyber protection.

Companies that use application security controls effectively reduce the cost of cybercrime. According to the Ponemon Institute, companies that deploy between eight and nine of the application controls in a recent study save almost $2 million on total cybercrime costs. If only one to three controls are used, the costs increase by an average of $2 million.

Waratek’s new features are now available globally with the latest version of the Waratek Application Security Platform.

About Waratek

Waratek has received the 2017 CDM INFOSEC Leader Award for Application Security, was named 2016’s Best Application Security Solution by Government Security News and is the winner of the 2015 RSA Innovation Sandbox Award. JavaWorld notes that “Waratek is the only vendor that can boast of a large-scale production deployment with a Tier 1 global investment bank, the most significant deployment of (runtime protection) that exists for Java technology today.”

Waratek is based in Dublin, Ireland and Atlanta, GA. For more information visit

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