New Release of Waratek Solution Enables Older Versions of Java to Automatically Gain the Latest Security and Performance Improvements

SAN FRANCISCO, Java One Conference – Sep. 20, 2016 – Waratek, the virtualization-based application security company, today announced a new release of its security solution for Java that automatically modernizes the security capabilities of older Java applications through a simple RASP plugin. Waratek enables any application running on a legacy version of Java to seamlessly be protected by the cumulative security enhancements and benefit from the performance improvements of the Java 8 Platform. Unlike other Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solutions, Waratek does not require manual code changes, network filters or hardware devices.

Waratek will demonstrate its new security solution for Java at the Java One 2016 Conference, Booth 5700.

According to Gartner Inc.’s Top 10 Security Predictions 2016[1], by 2020, 40 percent of enterprises engaged in DevOps will secure developed applications by adopting application security self-testing, self-diagnosing and self-protection technologies. Their analysts recommended action: adopt runtime application self-protection (RASP) for DevOps.

Immediate Protection

To enable immediate protection Waratek’s new RASP plugin based deployment model eliminates the need for customers to replace their existing Java Runtime Environment (JRE), make changes to an application’s code, use network filters, or tune the solution. Waratek protects the Java Platform attack surface from known and unknown vulnerabilities by virtually applying critical patch updates and security policies at runtime. It provides full stack protection, securing all elements including libraries, open source components, third party binaries, frameworks such as Struts and Apache Commons, and application platforms like Tomcat and WebLogic. Meanwhile, its unique virtualization-based architecture does not introduce performance penalties associated with other RASP products.

Modernizing Legacy Java Apps

The majority of large enterprises still run custom-developed, mission critical applications on out-of-date versions of Java. Most cannot be taken offline to install and keep pace with the frequency of critical patch updates. Waratek now enables these applications to seamlessly apply at runtime the cumulative patches, security and performance enhancements inherent to the Java 8 Platform without changing one line of code. In addition, with Waratek in place all future routine and emergency security patches can be applied virtually without taking the application out of production.

“Virtually every large financial institution and enterprise we speak with cites legacy Java security vulnerabilities as their chief concern since they aren’t able to take their critical applications offline to apply critical patch updates or upgrade the Java Runtime Environment,” said John Matthew Holt, CTO of Waratek. “Combining our unique virtualization architecture with a new plug-in deployment model, we’ve not only solved the security problem of running older Java applications but also boosted their performance since they inherit all of the benefits of the Java 8 platform.”

A 40 second video explanation of how the Waratek RASP plugin secures Java applications using virtualization


The latest version of the Waratek solution is available immediately from Waratek and its business partners worldwide.

About Waratek

Waratek is a pioneer in the next generation of application security solutions known as Runtime Application Self-Protection or RASP. Based on virtualization, Waratek’s solution is highly accurate, easy to install, simple to operate and does not slow application performance – while providing protection against known and unknown vulnerabilities in current and legacy software.

Waratek is based in Atlanta, Georgia and Dublin, Ireland. For more information visit or follow us @Waratek.