The Application Security platform for enterprise Java applications and APIs

Deploy turnkey protection in days with accurate and performant rules that require no deployments and eliminate false-positives.

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Remediate vulnerabilities immediately. Ship more secure apps and APIs.

Waratek automates the manual process of correcting code vulnerabilities, by tracing how the data flows through the application and removing the vulnerability when the data becomes compromised.

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Automatically correct code vulnerabilities

Spend less time identifying and patching manually with real-time protection against new and existing vulnerabilities.

Reduce risk

Significantly shrink the attackers&apos exploitation window.

Increase scalability

Efficiently scale protection across all your applications & APIs.

Empower teams

Increase job satisfaction by significantly reducing tedious tasks.

Apply patches instantly with no code changes, restarts, or deployments

Decrease the complexity of patching by removing reliance on app teams and long build times in CI/CD pipelines.

Reduce downtime

Apply patches while your systems run to decrease disruption.

Respond rapidly

Enable teams to react quickly to new threats with no delay.

Remain compliant

Comply with various regulations mandating timely patching.

Eliminate false positives

Maintain the attentiveness and effectiveness of your security team, while increasing morale and job satisfaction.

Reduce alert fatigue

Ensure no one becomes desensitized to alerts due to high volume.

Improve detection

Reduce the likelihood of missing a real threat.

Cut costs significantly

Recover your resources by preventing wasted investigations.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Security Budget

With 82% of CISOs responsible for metrics like ROI, it’s important to justify costs. Use this calculator to uncover your Security ROI.

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Transformation stories

Enterprises around the world trust Waratek. These are some of the most innovative stories from our cutstomers about how they are using Waratek to provide Java-specific protection.

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