Vulnerability Patching

Patch security vulnerabilities in minutes. Not days, weeks, or months.

Autonomously patch security vulnerabilities before you’re even aware they exist.

  • Address risk and lower your MTTP from days, weeks, or months down to minutes
  • Avoid downtime, even while patching a vulnerability, to ensure your business can carry on without interruption
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Legacy Modernization

Upgrade your apps without code changes and get the most out of your OpEx.

Up-level your apps written in older versions instantly without any code changes and continue getting the most out of your existing investments.

  • Ensure yesterday’s apps continue to work while meeting the industry standards, compliance policies and regulations of today
  • Enjoy ultra-low performance overhead or in most cases, an increase in performance
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Enterprise App Security

The only production-ready security platform with zero tuning or performance implications.

No tuning. No regex. No pattern matching. Defense and protection across your entire attack surface with ultra-low performance overhead, and ultra-low false positives.

  • Remove the security gap that comes with protection that simply runs in parallel with your apps
  • Easily integrates with your SIEM solution and existing security controls
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What Our Customers Say

Waratek not only found the cryptominer we knew we had, but securely removed it within 48 hours, stopping us from having to rebuild our solution from scratch.

Sebastien Roche

CISO, Alcatel-Lucent

See how we catch the threats that others can't

Let us show you first hand how Waratek can help you with:

  • Autonomous protection – Fix known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time without a single code change 
  • Virtual patches – Virtually upgrade apps and dependencies like Log4j without code changes, vendor patches, or downtime 
  • Removing gaps – Engrain protection within the DNA of your apps and APIs instead of relying on protection that only sits on top allow vulnerabilities to slip through