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Waratek is the only Security-as-Code Application Security platform that automates the manual process of fixing code vulnerabilities

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Solutions for scalable & consistent AppSec

The world’s largest companies trust Waratek products to deliver application security at scale. Work with us to accelerate your transition from manual processes to self-service automation and DevSecOps excellence.

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Improve security scalability and coverage

Achieve economics to deploy, scale, and maintain security throughout every application using automation.

Zero false positives

Avoid time spent toiling away to uncover which alerts are truly genuine, reducing the resources required for maintenance.

Fixes executing code

Remove the reliance on engineering to fix vulnerable code, decreasing time to deploy significantly.

Immutable security

Prevent security regressions after deployment, with control through immutable policy.

Optimize IT cost through modernization

Package your legacy applications in a portable container to take advantage of modern infrastructure & the benefits they provide.

Ultra-low performance overhead

Experience less than 2% performance overhead on average, with increased performance in select applications.

No-code upgrades

Virtual upgrade your out-of-support applications without the need for code changes, downtime or extra headcount

Align security and dev with DevSecOps

Adopt modern security automation to remove toil and deliver software more securely and quickly.

Instant time-to-remediate

Reduce time and effort from engineering required to fix vulnerabilities and reduce time-to-remediate to milliseconds.

Deliver software faster

Prevent vulnerability regressions in rapidly changing codebases to keep development focused on moving your products forward.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Security Budget

With 82% of CISOs responsible for metrics like ROI, it’s important to justify costs. Use this calculator to uncover your Security ROI.

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Transformation stories

Enterprises around the world trust Waratek. These are some of the most innovative stories from our cutstomers about how they are using Waratek to transition to Security-as-Code.

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