protect your Java applications with the secure execution agent

Waratek deploys in your Java apps, and accurately corrects vulnerabilities - all without any performance hits.

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Your existing security tools aren't cutting it.

Because Typical RASPs rely on heuristics, their resource-intensive process will slow your performance.
WAFs rely on pattern-matching, which leads to a high number of false positives.
Code scanners lack context, & since they only scan for blatantly obvious problems, you’ll miss the tricky ones.

For effective and efficient Java security, you need Waratek

Apps secured
Performance overhead
CWEs secured

Waratek runs directly within your Java applications' runtime

There's no perceivable performance hit. Literally.

We trace untrusted data as it moves through your app and runtime

Using Waratek's patented tainting engine, we'll remove false positives with 100% accuracy so your security team can focus on actual events.

Specify the vulnerabilities you want to avoid, and Waratek handles the rest

Using declarative and imperative rules, Waratek finds vulnerabilities regardless of the complexity of the exploit.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Security Budget

With 82% of CISOs responsible for metrics like ROI, it’s important to justify costs. Use this calculator to uncover your Security ROI.

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Transformation stories

Enterprises around the world trust Waratek. These are some of the most innovative stories from our cutstomers about how they are using Waratek to provide Java-specific protection.

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