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Adopt modern security automation to remove toil & deliver software more securely & quickly.

Your challenge

Regardless of industry, every business is now a software business. To remain competitive, companies have to deploy software faster and faster. In our 2022 industry report, Security's Struggle Scaling with Modern Software Development, we found that 83% of respondents have seen an increase in vulnerability regressions in correlation with this increased pace of development.

More surprisingly, 66% of respondents said they would be willing to sacrifice security in order to make an important release date on time.

With the average cost for a data breach increasing to 4.35M USD in 2022, organizations are having to choose between staying competitive and staying protected.

The solution

With Waratek’s Security-as-Code platform, security teams gain the autonomy to scale with modern software development for the first time in history enabling organizations to get the best of both worlds: Increased deployment velocity and a hardened security posture.

Waratek Secure’s declarative rules are immutable meaning that once in place, there’s no code added to the codebase that can override your policy. This prevents vulnerability regressions and keeps engineering teams focused on building new features and security teams focused on hardening the security posture of the organization.

Furthermore, no engineering effort is required to fix vulnerable code, allowing security teams to deploy patches instantaneously without code changes or downtime.

Waratek products used

Many of the security patches from Oracle are released on a quarterly basis, often addressing vulnerabilities which are up to 12 months old; that means your system may have been vulnerable for 12 months. By using more modern security approaches we found we would be able to better protect our systems.

Publish changes to your security policy without redeploying apps

Publish changes to your security policy without redeploying apps

Accelerate time-to-remediate with instant security patches that take effect as your applications are running without needing to redeploy.

This approach to security reduces potential attacker dwell time to zero and keeps business continuity moving forward.

  • Reduce the time for security changes to take effect
  • Immutably protect against vulnerable injections in the CI/CD pipeline
  • Apply security constantly rather than at a single point in time
Declaratively secure every deployment and improve productivity

Declaratively secure every deployment and improve productivity

Enable immutable control through policy that allows developers to move fast without fear of vulnerability regression.

Every Declarative rule in your policy is immutable, meaning there's no code in the codebase now or in the future that can override the security defined in your policy.

  • Define a rule once & apply it to any code added in the future
  • Achieve 100% accuracy with zero false positives & negatives
  • Deploy new rules easily without redeploying applications

Customer success story

Queensland University of Technology

Performance overhead while under attack
Reduction in false positives

Why Waratek

Companies use Waratek Secure to ensure a hardened level of security posture across all of their apps and maintain agility in the software development lifecycle

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Eliminate toil spent on false positives and negatives
Mitigate risk of vulnerability regressions after deployment
Modernize legacy apps to secure EOL language versions
Automate the remediation of code vulnerabilities

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