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Achieve the economics to secure every app in your enterprise through the elimination of false positives & manual efforts to fix code.

Your challenge

In our 2022 industry report, Security's Struggle in Scaling with Modern Software Development, 57% of respondents spend over a third of their week investigating security alerts. With 79% of alerts being false positives, your security teams spend most of their time investigating issues that don't exist, and the other part of their time waiting for engineering to patch the software.

This reactionary approach to security is echoed in nearly every security platform available today. They create more alerts, which creates more work for your teams. Because of this, it's financially impossible to secure every application in your enterprise with these status quo platforms.

The increased speed of product development means teams and organizations are rethinking how to secure their applications in this fast-paced world.

The solution

Security-as-Code is predicated on immutably and continuously securing applications with control through policy. With Waratek’s model around Security-as-Code, organizations can achieve a 100% reduction in false positives, with 100% accuracy at less than a 2% performance impact, changing the economics of application security.

This approach drastically reduces reliance on human intervention and grants security teams autonomy while allowing engineers to focus on development rather than vulnerability remediation.

Waratek products used

A week after we installed Waratek Secure we got hit with deserialization attacks. Because of Waratek's Security-as-Code approach, the attacks were immediately stopped. All of the malicious scripts failed, which took us to a new level of confidence - the immutable security is providing the protection we need, better and faster than we thought possible.

Secure the largest attack vector

Secure the largest attack vector

Most security platforms ingest, transform, & analyze HTTP request payloads to pattern match against and assume risk.

Pattern matching across every payload is time-consuming and expensive.

Waratek runs with your application and secures vulnerabilities when they attempt to execute, fixing vulnerabilities at the source.

With this streamlined approach to application security, it's finally possible to protect every application - not just your top three.

Stop every attack with immutable security

Stop every attack with immutable security

The security provided to your applications is inseparable from the applications themselves, meaning there's no gap for bad actors to exploit.

North, East, South, or West - no matter the direction of the attack, it's impossible to bypass the rules defined in your policy.

Instantaneously remediate vulnerable functions the moment they run without rate limiting, resulting in rock-solid security and a better user experience.

Customer success story

Global Financial Services Institution

Performance overhead at scale
Reduction in false positives
Code changes required

Why Waratek

Companies use Waratek Secure to ensure a hardened level of security posture across all of their apps and maintain agility in the software development lifecycle

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Eliminate toil spent on false positives and negatives
Mitigate risk of vulnerability regressions after deployment
Modernize legacy apps to secure EOL language versions
Automate the remediation of code vulnerabilities

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