Consolidate compliance & security with legacy app modernization & security

Instantly remediate vulnerabilities associated with EOL language versions and meet regulatory compliance without changing code.

Why Elevate

Companies use Waratek Secure to ensure a hardened level of security posture across all of their applications and maintain agility in the software development lifecycle

Ensure compliance for industry & government regulations
Extend the life of your apps through digital transformation
Increase the performance of select legacy applications
Upgrade without code changes, downtime, or CapEx investment

Waratek's Security-as-Code platform not only found the cryptominer we had, but securely removed it within 48 hours, stopping us from having to rebuild our solution from scratch.

Effortlessly breathe new life into your legacy apps for security & regulatory compliance

Virtually upgrade your apps without code changes, downtime, or human capital

More than 74% of enterprises are aggressively starting legacy modernization projects to adopt modern cloud platforms.

Waratek Elevate wraps your legacy applications in a modern version of JRE, helping you instantly take advantage of the security and regulatory benefits of a modern tech stack without code changes.

  • Avoid rewriting thousands of applications
  • Extend the life of expensive COTS

Easily migrate legacy applications to modern and secure infrastructure

Reap the benefits of modern cloud platforms without replacing thousands of applications.

Elevate allows security teams to package legacy applications in a portable, infrastructure-agnostic container.

This portability enables you to take advantage of modern infrastructure innovations while meeting security and regulatory requirements.

  • Ultra-low performance overhead; enhance performance in some apps
  • Refresh legacy platforms like Apache Tomcat and Weblogic
  • Automatically apply Java Critical Patch Updates

Frequently asked questions

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How does it work?

Waratek Elevate wraps the entire application stack, including the original JRE in a guest container running as a servlet on the host machine.

The host machine maintains an up-to-date version of JRE that the client machine then communicates with securely with either ultra-low performance impact or, in specific scenarios, a performance increase.

How performant is this solution?

Performance is normally a difficult subject when it comes to legacy application modernization.

Waratek Elevate is the only legacy modernization solution that's been known to increase performance without code changes.

In other scenarios where performance cannot be increased, the overhead is less than 2% in production.

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