With the recently relaunched, visitors can easily learn how we provide significantly improved results over alternative application security.

In August 1991, a major milestone passed that most people didn’t notice– the launch of the first website. Built on what was then known as the World Wide Web, the website had limited appeal and utility – a creation that only a technologist could love and a visionary could see its potential.

Fast-forward 25-years and websites are now essential, multi-function business tools. Great websites are both pleasing to the eye and stimulate the mind. That’s a good thing, too, since it’s not easy to describe a disruptive, transformational technology like Waratek’s.

With the recently relaunched, visitors can easily learn how we produce significantly improved results over previous generations of application security products. Offering a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) based on virtualization, Waratek is highly accurate, easy to install, simple to operate and does not slow your application’s performance.

And makes it easy to see how we can address your application security issues. is designed to be informative no matter your level of technical knowledge or awareness of Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) based on virtualization. We offer summary and detail-level information using videos, discussion papers and other downloadable content along with an option to request a live demonstration or a free Proof of Concept trial.

The refreshed website is organized so you can see which of our primary use cases best addresses your application security needs: Application Protection, Zero Day Defense, Virtual Patching and Legacy Platform Protection.

Visit to learn how we can revolution your application security.