Waratek careers

Waratek is driven by our people and our principles, which have been the foundation of everything we do since the company launched in 2018. Join us on our journey as we work to support the world's most innovative companies as they transition to Security-as-Code.

Our values

We believe that passion is the driver that spreads to others within our company, our customers and partners. Passion is the glue that binds our core values together.


We believe that innovation feeds a natural curiosity and passion for learning new disciplines, inspiring growth within the individuals of the Waratek team.


We believe in holding ourselves accountable to each other and our customers. We will always offer sincere and pragmatic guidance to ensure our customers are successful.

Customer commitment

We are committed to providing scalable security solutions that enable enterprise security teams to increase their coverage, drastically lower their time-to-remediation, and demonstrate ROI.


We believe good workplace relationships are essential for the success of individuals, teams, and organizations. Fun at work empowers employee happiness leading to less stress, better engagement, and more creativity.


Diversity helps mitigate groupthink and positively impacts our company's workplace, workforce, profitability, and recruitment endeavors. This focus enables us to build a world-class company with a solid foundation.

No jerks

We believe that when we provide feedback systems to ensure teams and staff collaborate in a supportive environment, we create a safe space for invention, innovation, and inspiration.