Who We Are

Defend every application, everywhere with the only enterprise app security platform that finds and fixes vulnerabilities in real-time and defends against zero-day threats. Go beyond WAFs and eliminate the enterprise application security gap, with security that defends every app at scale. With security that operates at the compiler level, thrive with real-time, continuous protection that doesn’t require access to source code or waiting for vendor patches. Experience security without downtime or disruption, securing applications in memory and delivering meaningful, real-time alerts, based on actual events, not probabilistic guesses.

Waratek delivers an application layer defense for enterprise-level certainty through:

  • Continuous, Real-Time Protection

    Defend every app, everywhere with the only enterprise application security platform that finds and fixes vulnerabilities in real- time.

  • Defense From the Known and the Unknown

    Defend the entire application layer with enterprise application security that immediately responds to vulnerabilities, including zero-days.

  • Zero Downtime or Disruption

    Today's threats can't be stopped by waiting for tomorrow’s patch. Virtually upgrade out-of-support applications and platforms without rewriting the app.

Eliminate the enterprise application security gap with real-time security to defend the entire application layer.

Swap Breach for Reach
  • Secure every app without code dependence, including close-sourced and apps that are no longer supported.
  • Waratek solves the challenge of scaling app security. With Waratek, enterprises don’t have to choose between crushing overhead to administer countless web application firewalls, or crippling vulnerabilities by securing only pieces of the largest attack surface.
  • Waratek’s autonomous agent finds and fixes vulnerabilities. Because only finding the problem, is part of the problem.
It’s Code for Real - Time Security.
  • Take your security in your hands, instead of waiting on third parties or developers to ensure your app layer is actually secure.
  • Cut the traditional patch delivery model down from weeks and months to a fraction of a second.
  • Drive enterpriseDevSecOpswith automated, continuous runtime security
For Application Security, We Pull Out All the Stops
  • Make every alert meaningful. Waratek works at the compiler level, examining code in memory, to deliver only meaningful results, not abarrage of false positives.
  • Waratek delivers security without the slowdown.
Meet the Threat. Beat the Threat.
  • With enterprise application security, deliver comprehensive application layer security for more complete defense in depth.
  • Meet the threat where they will be. Swap guesswork for visibility.
  • Heuristic-based security generates too many false positives and fails against 76% of Zero Days, according to industry research

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We have a unique approach to application security.

Compiler-based technology that doesn’t just find vulnerabilities – we fix them.