The State of DevSecOps

  • 71%

    CISOs say their stakeholders view security impacting speed to market

  • 52%

    Companies admitted to sacrificing cybersecurity for speed

  • 90%

    Adopters say DevSecOps sped up software delivery

The DevOps & Security
Team Challenge

It’s always been a challenge for DevOps to integrate security. Traditional security methodologies are at odds with the agility and rate of deployments introduced by DevOps practices, creating risky trade-offs between security and application development velocity.

Truly integrating security practices into the software delivery lifecycle, also known as DevSecOps, is the solution. But implementing DevSecOps and shifting security left is a large lift that entails creation of new processes, responsibility changes, and potentially requires additional headcount to help integrate security earlier in the deployment process.

DevSecOps Meets Automation

Waratek’s autonomous Security-as-Code platform, ARMR (pronounced “armor”), offers the unique ability to declaratively define the final state of your security and lets the agent do the rest, making it easy to shift security left by deploying your Policy Config file with the apps you want to secure. Waratek translates your Policy Config file as deterministic code patterns to replace in the runtime to secure every workload and every request.

Waratek delivers a differentiated security solution in its ability to autonomously find and fix vulnerabilities in realtime with unparalleled performance and accuracy. Waratek provides out-of-the-box protection against Zero-Days, OWASP Top Ten, Sans Top 25, and more.

With this autonomous security capability, Waratek delivers DevSecOps automation to help organizations move faster while reducing risk.

Benefits to Waratek's Approach to DevSecOps

  • Declarative

    Secure your apps and APIs without touching code or risking dependencies

  • Low Cost

    Save resources by removing the need to manually implement fixes

  • Resilient Protection

    Save resources by removing the need to manually implement fixes

  • Production-Ready

    ARMR is the only security engine that starts protecting the moment you deploy it without painful implications to performance

Upgrade Legacy Apps
the Same Way

In addition to the challenges security and ops teams face managing and patching application vulnerabilities these teams must also deal with the additional challenge of modernizing legacy applications.

Legacy applications many times have a number of runtime dependencies and platform dependencies that prevent them from being run securely. Without proper dependency mapping and exhaustive testing, it can be impossible to understand the impact of these applications on your security posture.

Waratek Elevate for Java was developed to help teams overcome these challenges. Using Elevate it’s possible to breathe new life into your legacy applications without touching a line of code.

Let us show you first hand how Waratek
can help you with:

  • Autonomous protection – Fix known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time without a single code change
  • Virtual patches – Virtually upgrade apps and dependencies like Log4j without code changes, vendor patches, or downtime
  • Removing gaps – Engrain protection within the DNA of your apps and APIs instead of relying on adjacent or parallel protection, which can allow vulnerabilities to slip through