Waratek Adds RASP Plug-In to AppSecurity for Java

ADT Mag | By John K. Waters

Application security tools provider Waratek has released a new version of its AppSecurity for Java platform that automatically modernizes the security capabilities of older Java apps with a simple RASP plug-in. AppSecurity’s new plug-in-based deployment model eliminates the need to replace the existing Java Runtime Environments (JREs), make changes to application code, use network filters or tune solutions. Applications running on legacy versions of Java inherit all the security and performance improvements associated with Java 8.

Gartner has defined RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) as “a security technology built in or linked to an application or app runtime environment, and capable of controlling app execution and detecting and preventing real-time attacks.” Waratek’s implementation of the technology eliminates the need for code-level changes, application restarts or replacement of the existing Java Virtual Machines (JVMs).

“You’re just basically adding a JAR file,” explained James Lee, EVP of U.S. operations for the Dublin-based company. “It will automatically containerize the app and apply the benefits of the latest version of Java to the version you are running. If you’re running Java 6 or Java 7, it’ll pull it up to Java 8 — seamlessly, as soon as you install and restart.”

The virtualization-based AppSecurity product protects the Java Platform attack surface from known and unknown vulnerabilities by virtually applying critical patch updates and security policies at run time, Lee told ADTmag. The product’s virtualization-based architecture introduces none performance penalties associated with other RASP products, he said.

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