Waratek and NeoSecure Partner to Bring Next Generation Application Security to Latin America

PROSA is the first Latin American customer to select Waratek’s Runtime Application Protection Platform


Waratek, the virtualization-based application security company, today announced a partnership with Santiago, Chile-based NeoSecure S.A. to bring Waratek’s pioneering Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution to the Latin American Market.  NeoSecure is a leading company in Information Security Solutions and Managed Services in Latin America.

The companies also announced that Mexico City-based payment processor PROSA is the first customer to select Waratek in Latin America.  PROSA, founded in 1968, has nearly 50 years of experience in the payment industry. PROSA is used by 70 million cardholders around the world, generating 3.3 billion transactions annually.

“We’re excited to be working with two leading Latin American companies – NeoSecure and PROSA – to bring RASP into one of the fastest growing markets for Application Security in the world,” commented Waratek’s US CEO John K. Adams.

“NeoSecure introduced the current generation of application security tools to our customers, and now we’re going to help them transition to RASP to keep their data and systems secure and improve their operations at the same time,” explained NeoSecure CEO Eduardo Diaz.

RASP is a transformational application security technology that secures an application’s runtime. Waratek detects and prevents real-time attacks with zero false positives, does not slow application performance, and increases visibility into application operations – benefits not possible with traditional approaches to today’s threats.

About Waratek

Waratek is a pioneer in the next generation of application security solutions providing fast and accurate protection against known and unknown vulnerabilities in current and legacy software. Based on virtualization, Waratek’s runtime protection platform is highly accurate, easy to install, simple to operate and does not slow application performance – benefits not found with most traditional and emerging application security solutions. Waratek is based in Atlanta, Georgia and Dublin, Ireland.  For more information visit or follow us @Waratek.

About NeoSecure

NeoSecure is recognized in the market for the quality, experience and knowledge of the professionals that compose it, as well as delivering to its clients an innovative vision and a value proposition in the solutions desired by the company.  NeoSecure has a Malware Research Center (CIM) and a CDC (Cyber Defense Center), the second in the world to certify under the ISO 27001. It has a team of engineers certified in international regulations: CISSP (ICS2), ISO 27001, CISM (ISACA), CERT among others.  NeoSecure was founded in 1999 and currently has offices in Chile (Santiago), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Peru (Lima) and Colombia (Bogota and Medellin), as well as businesses in Europe and the United States


PROSA serves more than 140 financial and non-financial institutions in eight Latin American countries. Recognized as a world-class company, PROSA offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and services in the market, competitive prices, adaptable and flexible solutions to fit the needs of our customers, backed-up by numerous certifications and awards supporting our experience as leaders in the payment industry.

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