Java Security Platform

The turnkey engine for enterprise-grade application & API security

Protect both modern and legacy applications & APIs with the only platform that not only stops exploits but also corrects the vulnerable code, eliminating exploitability.

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The enterprise-grade security platform

Only Waratek combines Java software and security engineering expertise, to automate the manual process of fixing code vulnerabilities. This unique combination provides turnkey protection against generic and JVM-specific vulnerabilities.

What Java security should be — accurate and performant

Scale security to every application

Signature-based security platforms scrutinize HTTP request payloads for pattern matches, assuming risk. However, this time-consuming and costly process is impractical for each request, let alone every application and API.

Waratek operates within your applications' runtime, tracing how network data flows through the application or API. When data misuse occurs, Waratek corrects the vulnerable code, effectively neutralizing the threat posed by untrusted data almost instantly with little performance overhead.

Stop every exploit every time

By tracing data flow through the application or API, we can identify when untrusted network data interacts with vulnerable code. When such interaction occurs, Waratek's Java Security Platform instantly replaces the vulnerable code in memory with a remediated version.

This real-time swap ensures future references to the code will use the remediated version, guaranteeing every request—not just one out of a thousand—is thoroughly protected as there's no vulnerability to exploit anymore.

Waratek's Java Security Platform not only found the cryptominer we had, but securely removed it within 48 hours, stopping us from having to rebuild our solution from scratch.

Products at a glance


Waratek Secure delivers speed, accuracy, and resilience in Java applications & APIs. Swiftly identify and precisely resolve vulnerabilities in real-time, ensuring your systems remain resilient against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Apply critical patches to your Java apps & APIs in real-time with bytecode-level precision
Ensure performance without compromising on security at any stage of JVM execution
Unprecedented level of control over the security posture of your applications and APIs
Benefit from a new dimension of API security with hardening built specifically for Java


Waratek Elevate ensures legacy constraints don't compromise your security. Virtually upgrade your apps and APIs to meet compliance like TLS 1.2 and eliminate EOL version vulnerabilities.

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Ensure your Java applications use the latest, secure TLS protocols and cipher suites
Seamlessly upgrade legacy apps in the background without affecting operations
Flexibly keep track of your applications's security with full control over rules
Protect your Java applications from data exposure in Man-in-The-Middle attacks

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