ARMR Platform

The Security-as-Code engine for Enterprise-grade control through policy

Protect legacy and modern applications alike with the only platform that immutably secures your entire application and endpoint attack surface

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The enterprise-grade security platform

Only Waratek provides immediate value with zero tuning the moment it's deployed. Waratek ARMR is definable, immutable, and continuous resulting better performance and ROI than other security platforms.

Stop attacks where they happen

Scale security to every application

Most security platforms ingest, transform, & analyze HTTP request payloads to pattern match against and assume risk.

Pattern matching across every payload is time-consuming and expensive.

Waratek runs with your application and secures vulnerabilities when they attempt to execute, fixing vulnerabilities at the source.

With this streamlined approach to application security, it's finally possible to protect every application - not just your top three.

Stop every attack with immutable security

The security provided to your applications is inseparable from the applications themselves, meaning there's no gap for bad actors to exploit.

North, East, South, or West - no matter the direction of the attack, it's impossible to bypass the rules defined in your policy.

Instantaneously remediate vulnerable functions the moment they run, resulting in rock-solid security and a better user experience.

Waratek's Security-as-Code platform not only found the cryptominer we had, but securely removed it within 48 hours, stopping us from having to rebuild our solution from scratch.

Products at a glance


Companies use Waratek Secure to ensure a hardened level of security posture across all of their applications and maintain agility in the software development lifecycle

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Eliminate toil spent on false positives and negatives
Mitigate risk of vulnerability regressions after deployment
Secure COTS on-premise or in private and public clouds
Automate the remediation of code vulnerabilities


Companies use Waratek Elevate to lengthen the life of their investment and remediate vulnerabilities associated with EOL language versions.

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Ensure compliance for industry & government regulations
Extend the life of your apps through digital transformation
Increase the performance of select legacy applications
Upgrade without code changes, downtime, or CapEx investment

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