We put our money where our mouth is

Security tools and guarantees are two terms that are rarely used in the same sentence.  Traditional approaches to application security are prone to false positives and can only detect or block known attacks using heuristics.

Not Waratek.  Our solutions are based on deterministic security approaches that have not produced a false positive in more than 3 years in global production.  Waratek’s approach to virtual patching provides the functional equivalent to a physical patch without the risk of breaking an application.

Waratek Guarentees

  • No Break Guarantee

    Waratek’s guarantees our virtual patches will not break your applications.

  • No False Positive Guarantee

    Waratek will not generate any false positives against the OPSWAT Top Ten.

  • $10,000 Credit Guarantee

    All of Waratek's guarantees come with a $10,000 credit per unique event credit.

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