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3 Reasons Why Fixing Code Matters

Staying on top of your application security is becoming more difficult as deployment frequency increases. Creating a strong feedback loop with engineering to help resolve application vulnerabilities is ideal but difficult with KPIs across departments not aligning.

Turning to a WAF seems like a reasonable approach, but with 84% of exploits happening at the application layer, it’s nothing more than a temporary bandaid.

Join Waratek, the Security-as-Code platform, in this upcoming video to understand how susceptible WAFs are to application-layer exploits and how immutable security can put a stop to the never-ending false positives to help you scale security with modern software development.

We’ll cover:

  • How WAFs try to block application-layer exploits
  • How easy it is to bypass the WAF and how never-ending tuning leads to low ROI
  • and how Waratek Secure creates immutable and continuous security to prevent bypasses and vulnerability regressions

See you there!

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