Secure at a Glance

  • Streamline Workflows

    Integrate seamless security into the software delivery lifecycle to improve efficiency and agility.

  • Effortlessly Scale

    Ensure security policies are flexible, human readable, and not impacted by technical debt.

  • Run Everywhere

    Deploy applications securely across on-premises, hybrid, or cloud infrastructures.

  • Change Safely

    Automate systems' adherence to desired security behavior to minimize delays & fire drills.

A Single Source for Zero-Day and Patch Management

Instant Remediation

Protection against Zero-Days, OWASP Top Ten, Sans Top 25, and code flaws upon deployment without the need for tuning.

Ultra-Low Performance Overhead

Execute the security of your apps in the runtime with a performance impact of less than 3% in production.

Note: In some instances Secure has been reported to increase performance in certain conditions.


Define the security behavior of your apps and APIs within the Policy Config file or on the Waratek Portal and never touch code again.

Critical Patches

Autonomously apply rules from Oracle & Microsoft Critical Patch Updates without lifting a finger.

Consistent Configuration

Eliminate security drift and continuously enforce desired state.

A Single Agent for Configuration and Protection

We see agent-less solutions as a major disadvantage for highly regulated organizations that have tight security requirements. This is why Waratek leverages an agent to ensure its autonomous behavior that can secure unknown threats for themselves unlike agent-less models.

The Waratek Secure agent is self-updating, self-automating and works well in low bandwidth or even remote environments. It also allows Waratek to scale up and down as customers’ deployment demands change. The Waratek agent simplifies the workflow needed to implement, deploy, and validate security posture. It extends our policy-based approach to allow you to define the final state of your security and let the agent do the rest.

Automation Only as Complex As You Want

You can start using Waratek quickly with the Web Portal or with the standard human-readable Policy Config file for those more comfortable with a definition file. When facing complex tasks such as custom patches, it’s possible to use just enough code in the Policy Config file to define desired security behavior of your applications without having to touch the codebase.

Enterprise Control and Coordination

Operating complex services and environments is a collaborative effort requiring a consistent view of intended and actual state across teams.  Admins can create resource-specific policies authorized to users or teams. Notifications can be displayed on a per agent basis or synced with your existing SEIM.

Let us show you first hand how Waratek
can help you with:

  • Autonomous protection – Fix known and unknown vulnerabilities in real-time without a single code change
  • Virtual patches – Virtually upgrade apps and dependencies like Log4j without code changes, vendor patches, or downtime
  • Removing gaps – Engrain protection within the DNA of your apps and APIs instead of relying on adjacent or parallel protection, which can allow vulnerabilities to slip through