Why Waratek

Solve your most important AppSec challenges where it matters most

Enterprises like yours use Waratek to provision, apply, and orchestrate application security for all of their applications where it's most impactful - the live binary.

Our products are standardized across the ecosystem, used by security practitioners and leaders around the world, and trusted by enterprises everywhere.

Reduction in false negatives & positives
Apps Secured within a single customer
Average performance impact at scale

Scale security to every application

Most security platforms ingest, transform, & analyze HTTP request payloads to pattern match against and assume risk.

Pattern matching across every payload is time-consuming and expensive.

Waratek runs with your application and secures vulnerabilities when they attempt to execute, fixing vulnerabilities at the source.

With this streamlined approach to application security, it's finally possible to protect every application - not just your top three.

Stop every attack with immutable security

The security provided to your applications is inseparable from the applications themselves, meaning there's no gap for bad actors to exploit.

North, East, South, or West - no matter the direction of the attack, it's impossible to bypass the rules defined in your policy.

Instantaneously remediate vulnerable functions the moment they run, resulting in rock-solid security and a better user experience.

Secure every application in the enterprise

It's never been economically feasible to secure every application.

When you fix the executing code rather than make assumptions on a lagging indicator like network data the following happens:

  • False positives and negatives don't happen
  • The human capital needed to secure applications decreases
  • The economics of securing every app becomes possible

A world-class approach to customer success

Our Customer Success team is here to guide you every step of the way. Our goal is to help you get value through your investment in Waratek.

Waratek's Security-as-Code platform not only found the cryptominer we had, but securely removed it within 48 hours, stopping us from having to rebuild our solution from scratch.

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